Damages to wooden furniture are inevitable. But you don’t have to strip and refinish when the damage is minimal. La Boiserie Woodwork Corp. refurbishes, or Touch-Up has just what you need to conceal imperfections on your furniture in residential and commercial settings. Even severe damage can be dramatically improved.

There are several advantages to furniture touch-up rather than complete furniture refinishing. Touch-up is less expensive than stripping and refinishing, and much less than furniture replacement.

La Boiserie Woodwork Corp. “Touch Up” will repair the finish of the wood and blend the new color to help you find the shade you need. With Touch Up, you extend the life of your furniture and cabinetry. We breathe new life into your furniture with a full wood restoration. You’ll be happy with the fantastic new look!

For quality Touch-Up and reliability, call the experts at La Boiserie Woodwork Corp. today at 954-667-5291. We also provide FREE ESTIMATES! 

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